Student expectations are higher than ever and word of mouth travels fast!

The UX Review

The UX Review

The UX (User Experience) is a term used to describe the interactions between a customer and an organization throughout their relationship. Within the student journey an interaction can include awareness, discovery, action, application, enrollment and student experience through to alumni and beyond.

The Higher Education market is highly competitive and with the continuing expansion of global student mobility, every institution is now competing to recruit from the same pool of students. Locally, regionally or internationally, the experience of a student from first contact through to arrival and beyond will determine whether a University meets the ever- demanding targets and subsequent revenues.

The challenge for a University is ‘How do we ensure that every student we engage with; from first contact through to alumni; has the best experience which results in enrollment and progression through to advocacy’

EMS Global have developed the UX Review.

We have defined the student journey into 5 distinct segments:

1. First contact to enrollment
2. Arrival and student experience
3. Employability and Careers
4. Progression to postgraduate and continuing professional development
5. Alumni and beyond

The UX Review helps you understand the student experience from every aspect through student recruitment, admissions, arrival and beyond.

We review your University’s experience from a student perspective and then benchmark against five institutions of your choice.


Competitor Insight

Response times, marketing collateral provision, quality of information, digital systems, processes and student perception across all touchpoints of the student journey.

Benchmark scoring

Using our proprietary scoring system, our pool of students will score and provide empirical evidence on the competitor set and your institutions performance giving you ‘on the ground’ intelligence on which to base your strategy for improvement.


A strategic and operational roadmap to enhance the user experience that will result in greater conversion from application through to enrolment through progression to alumni.

A cost-effective solution

An easy to implement and cost effective way to understand the student journey and implement solutions for a successful student experience.


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