Tory-backed thinktank is calling for increased funding for domestic students

Britain’s universities rely too heavily on tuition fees from Chinese students, according to a Conservative-backed thinktank that wants the government to replace them with increased funding for domestic students taking “high value” degrees.

The report by Onward, a thinktank supported by Tory MPs and donors, claims there are “well-founded fears” that China’s Communist party and its satellites have sought to undermine academic freedom and research on UK campuses, at the same time as lucrative international student fees have distorted the priorities of universities.

To tackle those concerns the report proposes a series of radical policies, including capping the income a university could earn from a single country and steering more UK students into courses with high graduate earnings, such as medicine, law, economics and sciences.

Read more : Richard Adams : The Guardian : 23 July 2020