Latest World University Rankings suggest a number of top 200 universities are over-reliant on international student revenues

Many of the world’s top higher education institutions are especially vulnerable to a downturn in international student mobility, according to data from the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Although the data reflect pre-pandemic figures, they suggest that several universities in the UK in particular could suffer from a drop in international student traffic, alongside a smaller number of institutions from other anglophone nations such as Canada, the US and Australia.

The data show a number of institutions with high scores for their international intakes yet with relatively low marks on overall income.

Twenty-four UK universities in the top 200 have a score for institutional income per academic staff below 60 but a score for international student share above 90. Of the institutions in the US, Australia and Canada with an international student score above 90, nine have an income score below 80.

Read more : Simon Baker : Times higher Education : 03 September 2020