Academic experts explain what UAE can do to encourage students to stay back

Abu Dhabi: The majority of students in the UAE who can afford to go abroad for an education do so, a top industry expert said.

Such a trend can only change if longer-term residency options and visa flexibility is offered to expatriate students, said Peter Davos, founder of educational consultancy, Hale Education Group.

“[Financial considerations greatly influence where students choose to study], as most students who can afford to study abroad do so. They are also looking at securing their future earning potential, as well as a future somewhere with a pathway to citizenship or permanent residency,” Davos explained.

He said that families in the UAE look at the three Rs when choosing a university namely: Ranking, Reputation and Return on investment.

“We live in a global world in which consumers of higher education — the students — are increasingly considering several countries when thinking about where to study abroad. Global rankings and university reputation play a dominant role in many parents and students’ consideration,” Davos said.

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