A recap on 5G in the UAE.
Etisalat became the first telco in the region to announce the availability of 5G in May

The UAE is first in the Arab region and fourth globally to roll-out and use the fifth-generation cellular wireless network, popularly known as 5G, a new study found.

“Countries were ranked on the basis of 5G connectivity levels. They were selected if they had one or more 5G deployments and if they had 5G connectivity in the pre-release stage,” said the report — compiled by London-headquartered Carphone Warehouse which specialises in technology benchmarking.

A 5G network promises an internet speed of up to 1.2 gigabits per second which will gradually evolve to reach 10Gbps, over 100 times faster than 4G. Additionally, 5G has the latency of less than one millisecond compared to 20 milliseconds on a 4G network.

In May, Etisalat — UAE’s biggest telecom operator — became the first service provider in the region to announce the availability of 5G network, supporting smartphones for commercial use. It was soon followed by UAE’s second operator du and Bahraini telco Batelco.
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