Here’s how some educational institutes are engaging their students with the showcase event.

Maryssa O’Connor, Principal/CEO, GEMS Wellington International School

We began our partnership with the Expo Educators Team in 2017 and are now in our third academic year of an Expo-rich curriculum. We use the three Expo themes as a stimulus, the students’ progress through their learning objectives, relating them to the real-world context of each theme. For example, the theme of mobility can be interpreted differently according to the subject — in geography lessons, it may relate to exploring environmental mobility and in computer science, how the mobility of information has changed our world.

Kevin Mitchell, Chancellor, American University of Sharjah
Expo 2020 is an opportunity to demonstrate the key role we play in the country’s social and economic development. We are delighted that two design proposals for shade structures by AUS students have been selected in a competition run by the Politecnico de Milano of Italy. These structures are under fabrication and will be on display at Expo 2020. We are also exploring opportunities for AUS students to design visitor journeys through the Expo’s art and design features, and possibly have our faculty deliver masterclasses as part of Expo programming. Many AUS alumni have been involved with initiatives and projects related to Expo 2020.

Brendon Fulton, Executive Principal, Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park
We have committed to at least three visits to the live Expo for all of our students. Within schools, we embrace the theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, and the three sub-themes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability as learning contexts. Our students are exploring and creating inventions that could have an impact on these three areas in the future. For example, in humanities, students are exploring the issue of sustainability to understand the impact that humans are having on the earth and using this learning, combined with other learning areas, to develop future ideas on a sustainable lifestyle.

Tim Richardson, Principal, Raffles International School
We have developed Expo 2020 areas in the school. They include a fun Expo 2020 booth to welcome families in the school reception area. Also, an Expo 2020 corridor is designed around the theme of the ghaf tree, where students can write their innovative ideas for sustainability on its leaves. Through our Bug Bytes Bus, a one-of-its-kind, purpose-built classroom on wheels, we offer age-appropriate tech education to young learners. Our nursery students will get to play with the Expo 2020 mascots via augmented reality.

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