With stakeholders predicting travel for international student recruitment will not resume until at least 2021, companies offering study fairs, high school tours for universities and student campus visits have found themselves only operating online, with attention now focused on recruitment for the 2021/22 academic year.

Tour operators said that while they have been looking into online complements to in-person tours for years because of flexibility and audience reach, partner universities had a preference for traditional offline recruitment – until Covid-19 left them with few alternatives.

“We need to change the traditional form of recruiting”

And tour operators are determined to show that online recruitment can be just as effective.

“I’ve been trying to get our partners to think a little bit outside the box. We need to change the traditional form of recruiting,” Girish Ballolla, founder and CEO of Gen Next Education, told The PIE News.

Read more : Callan Quinn : The PIE News : 29 June 2020