Singapore may be stepping into a recession and jobs hard to come by, but that has not stopped young Singaporeans from making a beeline for university.

The only difference is that all aspects of the admissions process have gone online.

A check with the six local universities found that they all had as many applications as last year for the estimated 17,000 university places planned for this year. As in previous years, more than 25,000 Singaporeans have applied, including A-level and polytechnic diploma holders.

The preferred courses of study also remain more or less unchanged.

As in recent years, computing and IT-related courses as well as data analytics are the hottest in terms of demand. The professional degrees, including medicine, law and accounting, continue to be popular as well.

The Singapore Institute of Technology, which offers allied health degrees in fields such as physiotherapy and nursing, said applications have grown by 9 per cent this year, compared with last year.

Read more : Sandra Davie : The Straits Times : 06 May 2020