Latest NUS survey finds satisfaction with digital learning provision has decreased since beginning of lockdown

One in four UK students do not feel they have the right access to online learning to complete their studies, according to a survey.

The survey of nearly 4,200 students, carried out by the National Union of Students in July, found that two-thirds of respondents agreed that they were able to access online learning satisfactorily, such as being able to access the necessary equipment, while studying.

This was a decrease from an earlier NUS survey of students in March, at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, when 78 per cent of students agreed with that statement. In the latest survey, 27 per cent of students either disagreed, or neither agreed nor disagreed.

Most students who said they did not feel that they had what was needed to complete their studies online said it was because of being unable to access appropriate equipment or study space or not being able to access physical resources, such as library books.

Read more : Anna McKie : Times Higher Education : 08 September 2020