Balancing the potential of remote learning with the benefits of student mobility for skills will be crucial, say Barbara Lorber and Sabine Prem

Austria is currently leading the European nations in easing its lockdown measures, having largely contained Covid-19. Yet Austrian universities remain deeply affected by the pandemic, and very uncertain about how “normal” the conditions into which they are re-emerging will really be – particularly regarding internationalisation.

At Graz University of Technology in Austria, about 40 per cent of our foreign exchange students have returned to their home countries, while 45 per cent of our own students have come back from abroad. This situation seems unlikely to be significantly reversed any time soon.

It is generally agreed that an effective vaccine is still a while away, so health and safety considerations are likely to become key criteria for prospective students deciding on their host countries in the short to mid-term.

Read more : Barbara Lorber and Aabrine Prem : Times higher Education : 19 May 2020