International students at two-thirds of 268 German universities were unable to begin or continue their planned summer studies in the country as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, and some 80,000 students left the country following the outbreak, a DAAD survey has confirmed.

Carried out between April and mid-May 2020, around 40% of institutions surveyed said international students had left Germany following the introduction of coronavirus-related travel restrictions.

“German universities have reacted in a very calm and committed manner”

While almost half (47%) of universities switched exclusively to virtual teaching in the summer semester, 45% opted for a blended approach of in-person and virtual teaching.

Planning for the winter semester still has “a great deal of uncertainty”, the survey reported.

When the survey was carried out, more than 80% of universities had yet to make a decision on the mode of teaching for the semester.

More than half of the universities (57%) anticipated a decline in international student interest for the upcoming winter semester, while 36% expect a rather moderate decline, and 21% expect a very strong decline.

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