Taboo-breaking Parcoursup reforms in 2018 are seen to have reduced failure rates, but there are fears Parisian universities will now hoover up the best students nationwide 

It’s now been two years since France overturned one of its most sacred higher education principles.

In 2018, Emmanuel Macron’s government finally allowed French public universities some measure of selection over which applicants they would take – replacing a system where high-school leavers had a theoretically equal shot at entry, with success or failure in some cases determined by lottery.

The aim was to improve the dismal success rates of first-year undergraduates by better matching youngsters to suitable courses.

Now, as hundreds of thousands of high-school leavers once again pick a university through the new system – called Parcoursup – there is enough data to make an early assessment of how it has transformed French higher education.

Read more : David Matthews : Times Higher Education : 14 June 2020