Despite the growth in the number of international students coming to France, the proportion of students globally who choose to study in the country has declined, according to a report published by Campus France earlier this year.

From its position as the number three host country in 2011, France dropped by 2017 to fifth place, the Key Figures report noted.

But the country still welcomed 358,000 international students in 2018-19, which is 21% more than five years ago.

“That position remains solid, but France has suffered for several years now from the ever stronger appeal of English as a language of instruction, and from the appearance of new destinations,” states the report.

“France has suffered, for several years now, from the ever stronger appeal of English as a language of instruction”

“In 2017, France attracted 5% of the world’s mobile students, compared with 7% five years previous[ly].”

France nevertheless remains a popular destination, particularly for French-speaking students.

Morocco and Algeria continue to be the most popular source countries, growing faster than international intake as a whole with increases of 23% and 42% between 2013 and 2018.

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