The European Commission has announced that UK education and youth organisations will benefit from €187 million of funding through the Erasmus+ program in 2019 – an increase from €170m this year.
“Erasmus+ will enable around 250,000 young people from the UK to explore new countries and cultures”
As well as opportunities for young people, Erasmus+ enables teachers, academics, youth workers and education staff to teach or train abroad, and to work with international partners to drive innovation and excellence in education and youth work.
Overall, funds available for Erasmus+ are expected to increase by €300m, or 10%, compared to this year.
Together with its call for proposals, the EC has published an Erasmus+ program guide in all official EU languages, which provides applicants with details on all opportunities available in Erasmus+.

Speaking about the boost in funding, director of the Erasmus+ UK National Agency Jane Racz said that “Erasmus+ will enable around 250,000 young people from the UK to explore new countries and cultures, develop new skills and boost their employability”.
“In 2019, €187 million will be available to the UK. We strongly encourage organisations across the nation to apply, so that more young people benefit from international experiences,” Racz said.

“The funding will also help organisations to form partnerships across Europe and beyond, to internationalise education, training and youth work and address common issues such as youth unemployment and social integration,” she added.

The EC also announced from an expected budget of €3 billion next year, €30 million has been set aside for dedicated European Universities. The aim is to build some 20 European Universities by 2024.
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